Dahak, Aqathoo & Hafof


After 8 interviews in Hakab we moved to the neighbouring village of Dahak. Here we spoke to 4 more livestock owners, including one lovely man who fed me some tasty beef and one man who politely asked me to leave his house. Thankfully my guides, Ahmed and Mobaca, quickly convinced him to let me carry on and we enjoyed ranking photocards of predators in order of threat to livestock.


Today we carried out 3 more interviews in the village of Aqathoo and another in the village of Hafof. The latter, was not originally in the research schedule but I’m including due to the fast rate we are getting through interviews.
I was invited to lunch today in the mountains under a fig tree. A young goat was slaughtered to welcome me to the area. We relaxed in the cool mountain breeze, drank tea and enjoyed the food over disjointed translated conversation. We were even joined by a couple of military folk who had strolled down from a nearby checkpoint.


Over the last few days I have been in contact with the Muscat Daily newspaper who are writing a short article about my research; they remembered the article about the British Exploring expeditions last year.
Tonight we have moved to a rented room as our previous room is going to be busy over the weekend with gentlemen from around the hills, enjoying a couple of days of religious relaxation.
Completed: 16 interviews
Target: 30 interviews and rising


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