Have a break..have a dishdash


A dishdash is one of many names given to the long poncho-like article of clothing worn by most Omani men.
This is of little relevance to this post apart from the fact it kind of rhymes with the end of the well known slogan for Kitkats. Which is of relevance, because later today we are driving back to Salalah for a 24 hour break and to swap vehicles.
Yesterday was the weekend, and a religious day with most men spending several hours in the Mosque, and afterwards time with their families.
So we took a drive over the mountains doing some vehicle-based transects to rapidly survey the health of the trees and the impacts of overgrazing. We were looking for signs of bark stripping by camels and branch breaking or bending by livestock owners.
I will do a number of such surveys around the hillsides of Wadi Sayq.


I also experienced my first Dhofar fog, thick cloud rolling in from the sea is pushed up on to the mountaintops and hillsides causing a complete white out. Very dangerous when there are camels, cows and donkeys standing in the roads.
In the evening, we were able to arrange dinner and two meetings at a very lovely household with polite children, smiling women and most importantly helpful and knowledgable livestock owners.
I have now completed 19 interviews.
This morning we are meeting with the international team of archeologists to show them a cave containing inscriptions and then we will be heading back to Salalah.
I will take a few snaps along the way because the scenery is incredible and the road is an engineering masterpiece.


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