Livestock browsing affects the species composition and structure of cloud forest in the Dhofar Mountains of Oman

Applied Vegetation Science: Questions It is frequently reported that overstocking of camels, cattle and goats is degrading the Anogeissus cloud forest, which is endemic to a 200‐km stretch of coastal mountains […]

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Interplay between topography, fog and vegetation in the central South Arabian mountains revealed using a novel Landsat fog detection technique

Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation: In the central South Arabian mountains of Yemen and Oman, monsoon fog interception by the endemic cloud forest is essential for ecosystem functions […]

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Expedition Angano


Expedition Angano is a scientific expedition bound for Madagascar which aims to improve our understanding of species communities at forest edges and to help prioritize forest areas for future conservation efforts. The involvement of local Malagasy citizens and university students will help to build local capacity for conservation.

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