Lawrence Portrait

Lawrence has a detailed knowledge and a range of experiences in the fields of ecology and conservation, from wetland habitat management in Dumfries, to camera trapping for the Arabian Leopard in the Dhofar mountains of Oman. Lucky enough to have experienced scientific research in several far-flung locations, he has gained an understanding of the issues surrounding environmental conservation in developing nations. His current area of expertise lies in the study of tropical dragonflies but a keen topic of interest for Lawrence is the effective management and implementation of conservation action. He has recently returned from his second expedition to Oman. He designed and coordinated the field research to rapidly assess the biodiversity within Wadi Sayq; a coastal valley 20km in length. The expedition successfully captured footage of the Arabian leopard, recorded rare and endemic reptile species, and informed and inspired on a community outreach programme. In August he spent two weeks collecting Dwarf Birch samples for genetic analysis in Finnish Lapland and has now moved to Cornwall to study MSc Conservation Science & Policy at the University of Exeter, Falmouth Campus.