The Honey Hunter


When I was 18 years old I went on my first expedition to the jungles of Madagascar. One of my new-found jungle friends was another 18 year old lad called Duncan Parker. I warmed to him immediately, as everyone else did – he would sing and play the guitar, perform card tricks, and had boundless enthusiasm for practically anything. He would prioritize his time in favor of the things that would bring him the most joy. I can still recall the noise of his broken walking boot sole which flapped for many weeks as we trekked through the forest each day – the repairing of which was clearly a low priority task. One afternoon, a few weeks in to the expedition, as we were chilling in the hammocks at base camp, I asked Duncan of his plans once we returned to the UK. To our amazement we were both due to study the same degree at DICE, University of Kent.

Nine years have now passed and our lives have taken many new directions, but Duncan’s boundless enthusiasm and passion has not wavered one bit. When my equally enthusiastic friend James Borrell expressed interest in documenting his expedition to Madagascar through film, I knew Duncan had to be involved.

I am now extremely proud to be able to share a short film by Falcon Productions about a honey hunter from Madagascar. Keep your eyes peeled for the release of the full-length ‘Madagascar – Life on the Edge’ film later this month.

The Honey Hunter from Falcon Productions on Vimeo.


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