A Collection of Infographics: Species of Families

bears 2

For even the most indulgent wildlife enthusiasts remembering the diversity of life, and its species components, is often difficult. It is definitely a case of when more information goes in some must get pushed out.

So here I present a few fantastic images sourced from all around the internet (all rightfully the property of their creators) that show the recognised species of various animal families (my favourite is the bears, let me know yours in the comments?). Many of these have got to be appreciated from an artistic perspective, having involved a talented individual who has captured the morphology and colourations of the species in question. When it comes to creations like these, illustrations definitely work better than photographs.

Unfortunately creations like these do have a short lifespan. Modern methods in genetics has meant taxonomic science is narrowing down species into more distinct groups of subspecies and ecotypes. Variations in the genomes of subpopulations of individuals, usually but not exclusively caused by geographic isolation, can warrant reclassification to a new subspecies, and sometimes to become brand new distinct species. Also we must not forget loss of species at the other end of the system, extinction. Lets hope lots of these infographics stay true for a while, eh.

bears 2

crocodiles and alligators

foxes of the world

GRASP Great Apes


Sea Turtles

tiger subspecies

whales of the world


Also make sure you check out this Guide to Felinae (small wild cats) by Joumana Medlej. She also has one for Pantherinae (big cats) and house cat breeds.


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