Paroedura masobe

The Sunday Species
27th May 2012

Latin Name: Paroedura masobe

Common Name: N/A

Location: Madagascar

IUCN Red List Status: Endangered

This beautiful little gecko frequents lowland primary rainforest where it is active in the understory. It is an extremely sensitive species and may be lost from an area experiencing even slight disturbance. Its fragmented range of occurrence is estimated at less than 410 square kilometres with suitable habitat covering about 100 square kilometres and shrinking. Fortunately, populations of this gecko can be found within the new protected area at Zahamena-Ankeniheny and in Réserve Naturelle Intégrale de Betampona.
Did you know when a gecko licks its eyes it is actually licking a transparent eyelid that has become fused across its eye much like a contact lens? Also geckos are the only reptiles that have the ability to make barking, chirping or clicking noises with their voice, whereas other reptiles can only hiss.


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