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All too often we hear of the doom and gloom surrounding biodiversity loss and environmental destruction, be it how many acres of rainforest we are losing per second, or how pale and lifeless our coral reefs have become. We need a place where we hear the other side of the story. The stories of scientists and practitioners working hard in the field saving species, ecosystems and livelihoods. After all, I am sure these folk would be overjoyed to have some recognition of their efforts and successes. Thankfully this place has arrived. It’s called ‘Discover Conservation’.

Discover Conservation doesn’t just tick all the boxes for conservation storytelling but it also provides bursaries for the younger generation of emerging scientists to undertake their first overseas expeditions.

Discover Conservation is social enterprise that aims to inspire optimism in conservation and support the next generation of conservation scientists.

We bring you adventurous real-life stories from scientists and conservationists working in remote and challenging locations around the world. We raise money and provide fieldwork bursaries for the next generation of aspiring biologists, and we provide a platform for proper science-based conservation.

In a nutshell, we’re everything you could ever want in conservation story telling.

Discover Conservation is entirely non-profit, run by volunteers and welcomes help, ideas and contributions.


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