I have arrived in Salalah at midnight on the equivalent of our UK Saturday night and people are chilling and hanging out all around town. A Thursday-Friday weekend can throw you off a bit as a visitor to Oman. Something we discovered on our advance party trips before the British Exploring Society expeditions – try sourcing car batteries on a Friday – equivalent of our day of rest!!
Anyway, off on a tangent.

After a 10 hour flight with a brief stop in Dohar, Qatar I jumped straight on a coach heading to Salalah at midday yesterday. 12 hours later and I’m here! Saved 100 quid as well!
The 1000km journey cost me only 6 Rial, about £9.

Tomorrow I will hunt down an all-you-can-eat internet sim card, buy a couple of shirts (they fit my skinny self better than UK sizes), a new wallet and perhaps have my first shavey haircut.
Then on Saturday I will meet up with Hadi and discuss methods and on Sunday hold meeting to brief the rangers I will be working with on the methods and whatnot.

This is number 1 of hopefully many small updates I will post during my 6 weeks here collecting data for my MSc research project #omanmsc

Bye for now


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