In the Press – Muscat Daily & Times of Oman

Wadi Sayq

A couple more Omani newspaper articles about the British Exploring Society Oman expeditions and the research we have undertaken in Wadi Sayq, Dhofar over the last couple of years.


Times of Oman LogoOn the 3rd June, the Times of Oman published an article I wrote for them, entitled ‘Wadi Sayq in Southern west of Oman an important spot for Biodiversity’. 

muscat_daily_largemuscat dailyToday, the Muscat Daily published an article with the more forceful title of ‘OCE Calls for Immediate Protection of Wadi Sayq in Oman’. 

It is a huge bonus to have the newspapers communicating to the general public about the expeditions, and highlighting wildlife conservation as an important topic in Oman. Even though our presence in the area has now ceased, reminders like these about the research findings, the ecological importance of the area and the need for formal protection will cumulatively help to keep the leopard and Wadi Sayq in the limelight. The expedition science report for 2013 is not far off completion, and to follow, some scientific journal papers focusing on the key taxa hope to be published by 2014.

Oman-Daily-ObserverSee the article in the Oman Daily Observer


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