Oman Camera Trap Footage – Short Film

A short film showing the remarkable camera trap footage collected during the 2013 British Exploring Society Oman expedition in collaboration with the Oman Office for Conservation of the Environment. Enjoy…

Lawrence Ball Conservation BiologistWith less than 200 individuals remaining in the wild, the Arabian Leopard is battling for survival. Thankfully, it is not fighting alone because in Oman, governmental and overseas organisations are trying to quantify its existence to save this iconic big cat of Arabia.

Our expedition to Wadi Sayq was one such example of these continuing efforts. We deployed 26 camera traps throughout the valley, from the beach to the plateaus and everywhere in between. Prior to arrival we weren’t holding out much hope of finding this elusive creature; in all honesty the figures just didn’t add up – a global population less than 200 individuals; scattered throughout the mountains of southern Arabia – we had less than 1 month and just one mountain valley…

Interested in joining the 2014 expedition? BE 2014 Oman Expedition

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