Oman Empty Quarter 2013 Expedition – The Science Begins

Oman Empty Quarter Expedition

Blog Post from two young Oman Explorers

Everyone is settling extremely well into the wadi environment! Our base camp is literally based on paradise beach where we are surrounded by camels, flamingos, crabs and palm trees. Most days, unless up scrambling through the wadi, involve a dip in the turquoise Indian Ocean.

For the first 6 day rotation we were split into 3 groups – 1 group setting camera traps with Khalid in search of the leopard, 1 group at the ‘green pool’ (not so green) further up the wadi, and 1 group located at base camp surveying the wide range of wildlife in the wadi estuary.
Surveys have involved catching dragonflies, butterflies, herps and inverts (lizards and bugs) and bird watching and bat surveying. Everyone’s enthusiasm for the science is at a new high! Exciting finds have included fresh leopard print, scat, a Platyceps thomasi (rare snake), a Bluethroat (bird), 4 species of herons and multiple eagle sightings!
It was sad to see off Amy and James but, there are plenty of Omanis getting involved with our cultural exchange round the campfire.
Tomorrow morning we leave base camp and the beach for 6 days where we will be based deeper in the wadi for brand new exploration.


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