Funky Flora

Mountain plant in Madagascar at 1800mPlants are vital to all life on earth. Indeed, they paved the way for animals to exist by filling the air with oxygen, albeit as algae in the seas, and yet they are the unsung heroes of todays’ natural world.

It is also fair to say that they are some of the most wierd and wonderful life forms to have evolved on our planet.

“If we range through the whole territory of nature, and endeavour to extract from each department the rich stores of knowledge and pleasure they respectively contain, we shall not find a more refined or purer source of amusement, or a more interesting and unfailing subject for recreation, than that which the observation and examination of the structure, affinities, and habits of plants and vegetables, afford.” Sir Joseph Paxton 1838

Below are 8 of my favourite vegetative photos from my travels.


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