From the Sea to the Sky

sea to the skyThe Dhofar mountain range is a unique tropical pocket on the southern coast of Oman. Here the Indian monsoon causes dense mist and fog to cloak the southern slopes for several months each year.

The landscape is truly epic. 15km inland from the beaches of Mirbat bay, the altitude soars to 1800m, reaching its peak on Jabal Samhan. The 120km wide plateau, with its 1000m vertical drop on its seaward side and its vast deserts of the Empty Quarter on its northern side, is home to the Arabian Leopard, Hyena, Wolf and Gazelle. To top it off, Tawi Attair, one of the deepest natural sinkholes in the world is forged into the landscape of the western plateau and Arabia’s only Baobab trees are located in Wadi Hinna.

Here are a couple of photos I took looking south from Jabal Samhan. altitude: 1800m. sea:15km.
That crazy photographer stood on the edge of a 1000m vertical cliff face is wildlife film-maker and cameraman Duncan Parker.


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