First Steps

So here wo go. I have signed up to Twitter, im ‘Linkedin’, I have a fancy bit at the bottom of my emails and I have a website! If you are reading this then, thank you. I hope you find what I have done, am doing and plan to do interesting.

In this world of ever advancing technology one can place their bets that social and business networking is only going to get increasingly complicated. That is why I have decided to embrace it; stuck inside during this awful spring weather.

Of course I want to promote myself. But I also want to promote my passion for wildlife conservation, which I share with many millions of people around the globe and many people that I know. Unfortunately it is all too often overlooked by governments, large corporations and populations in underdeveloped nations that have no other choice but to overlook it.

Is there an answer? At the moment it wouldn’t seem so, but if I continue to follow my passion, making scientific contributions here and there and all the while share it with the world, then at least I feel like I am doing my bit to help find the answer.

Are you helping to find the answer? Feel free to contact me.


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